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Get Serious!

Certified Personal Training

Thanks for visiting!

Get Serious! is a unique personal training experience that maximizes your workout while minimizing the time spent. No need to worry about getting to the gym, waiting for the equipment or buying your own equipment! All of the equipment you need for a physically challenging, 30-minute, total body workout is available at every workout, including: Bosus, dumb bells, barbell, stability balls, resistance bands, pull-up bars, punching bag, medicine balls and agility ladder. I also use your own body weight!

The best thing you can do for your body and your brain is exercise. Physical activity influences quality of life because it increases energy and promotes physical, mental, and psychological well-being in addition to benefiting physical health.

It has become too easy for people to be unhealthy. As a society we simply accept the fact that we are overweight. Clothing manufacturers cut the sizes larger and larger and call them a "Size 6" and we fall for it. They get their money and we fool ourselves into thinking that we are not putting on weight and that we are healthy.

Stop putting it off. It is time to GET SERIOUS! about your physical fitness. Do it for yourself. Do it for your life!

EVERYONE, adults and children alike, needs to exercise for at least 30 minutes a day; at a high intensity, or longer, if we want to change our shape. Many people have a difficult time exercising on their own. Many people have good intentions and start out enthusiastically, but over time they lose their enthusiasm and the exercise wanes. Too many people have been doing the same routine for months or even years, and wonder why they don't continue to see results. Muscle confusing workouts can be a challenge to create on your own.

Get Serious! understands this challenge. Life is busy and time is short. 30-minute, intense workouts where no two workouts are the same, maximizing your time and producing visible results in a short amount of time - that is what makes my workouts unique. Many people need to be motivated and held accountable. A personal trainer meets that need. A personal trainer who can accomplish this in 30 minutes meets that need even better!

Please explore my website to learn more about Get Serious! I welcome the chance to work with you so you can Get Serious! about your physical fitness.