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Get Serious!

Certified Personal Training

About Get Serious!

My name is Kathy Stieglitz and I am the owner of Get Serious! Certified Personal Training. I have been an avid runner and overall fitness enthusiast for 23 years. I started Get Serious! to fill a need of so many people who want to be physically fit but who do NOT want to go to a gym.

My client base is very diverse, ranging in age from Kindergarten to 74 years of age. Some of my clients are: High School and Middle School Athletes (Basketball, Soccer, Football, Cross Country, Tennis, etc.), Mecklenbueg Area Catholic Schools (K - 5), Individuals, Small Groups, Monday evening Men's Group, and Husbands and Wives. I tailor every workout to my clients' specific goals and needs. All of my clients have come to me from word of mouth and referrals. Their successes and current physical condition are the best form of advertising!

"Kathy, our daughter had her first JV soccer game last night and she looked great on the field. Her running was faster and her stamina was notably improved. We know it was due to her working with you. Thank you and we look forward to more sessions with you and our daughter." (Mike

"I never dreamed I would love working out this much! I am sore the next day, but the compliments I am receiving about my arms and my physique in general are totally worth it! Thanks and I will see you next week!" (Claire)

If you have any questions, or you would like to Get Serious! about your physical fitness, please go to the contact page and complete the short form.